“I value Ted Hansen’s broad experience in exploration, geophysics and production geology – he brings a lot to the table. Adrian Shepherd has consistently drawn upon his industry experience to provide quality advice and products, particularly in the area of resource geology.  Ted and Adrian work well together, with their complementary skill sets resulting in a solid, practical outcome in all their joint projects.”
Paul Schmiede, VP Corporate Development
Sarama Resources

“The people I’ve dealt with at Cube Consulting have been ethical, easy to talk to and flexible. We don’t have a formal relationship, which works well when discussing ideas. As well as this personal approach, you do have a high level of technical expertise on the team.”
Somealy Sheppard, Chief Geologist
Independence Group, Long Nickel Mine

“We have a long term working relationship – I’m a repeat customer and wouldn’t hesitate to bring Quinton de Klerk in again. He delivers mine plans that are better than most – a very good service.”
Frank Bethune, Managing Director
International Base Metals Limited

“The quality of the work we received was excellent – Cube definitely passed the test. The speed was the best, and work was always delivered efficiently. I would like further involvement with Cube once we progress to the next stage, for example, some of the mining systems.”
Don Harper, Chief Operating Officer
Sumatra Copper & Gold

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