Complimentary Surpac macros

At Cube Consulting, we have advanced Surpac skills that we leverage in our day-to-day geology and mine engineering work. We have written a number of utilities that we believe are helpful to Surpac users. We are also available to write custom solutions should you have a specific mining problem to solve.


Distribution Macro

Classification and display of composited data or raw samples in string format. It allows use of either a percentile or grade threshold approach to data classification. The percentile method allows a the population to be viewed from a statistical perspective while the grade threshold method allows viewing from an economic perspective.
Download Cube distribution macro

triangle centroid

Create Triangle Centroid

The triangle centroid macro creates an output string file containing a centroid of each triangle with stored dip and dip direction. This is useful in both a statistical sense (average dip and dip direction of a surface) as well as for use in interpolation when applied to a block model.
Download create triangle centroids


Swap triangle faces

Provides a method for quickly and easily swapping triangle facets where required. It requires two adjacent triangles be selected and automates the reversal of facets. This is especially useful for narrow vein solids where the triangles of one contact intersect those of another.
Download swap triangle facets

Grade tonnage curve

Grade Tonnage Curve

Allows quick generation of a simple grade tonnage curve in either single axis or twin axis (crossed swords) format.
Download Cube Grade/Tonnage curve macro

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Please note: These macros are provided in good faith. Cube Consulting do not warrant their performance or the results derived from running these scripts.