In-house geostatisticians

Geostatistical analysis is a key competency of the Cube geology team, with 40% of the Cube geologists having postgraduate qualifications in geostatistics. This means we have the expertise in-house to solve the most difficult problems, backed by sound scientific principles.

We are specialists in single and multi-element analysis, able to offer advice in all aspects, from confirming domains and boundary conditions, comparing drill data types, characterising spatial continuity and nugget effect, through to estimation methodology including linear and non-linear techniques. We are often required to review existing geostatistical estimation parameters including composite lengths, top cut strategy, variogram model parameters, estimation block size and estimation method.

Great science, practical approach

We will undertake a thorough review and offer informed advice to ensure you have confidence in understanding the risks and uncertainty associated with your project resource. This may involve using linear or non-linear techniques. At Cube, we have experience from kriging through to recoverable resource using local uniform conditioning and simulation. Using Isatis, we are able to employ the most advanced techniques to your project, always tempered with our practical approach.

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