Mine Grade Control

Cube Consulting has a very strong focus on the needs of operating mine sites, with a history in building, implementing and training in grade control systems built around Surpac. Besides our GCX grade control product, we also provide consulting advice on more general grade control matters. Grade control is a process, highly dependent on data collection and data management systems that may already be in place on a mine. The Cube geology team are expert at bringing order and repeatability to this process. We provide advice on geological domaining, material classification and estimation as required and work closely with your production and quality control geologists to implement an easy-to-use and intuitive set of processes.

Mine Reconciliation Process

Along with expertise in grade control,  we can help our clients develop robust reconciliation processes embracing current thinking and methodologies. As part of a reconciliation process, the Cube grade control system provides appropriate reporting to allow tracking of grade control performance over time and comparison to resource and/or reserve models.