Independent technical reviews

When raising project finance, or reviewing an asset as part of a potential acquisition, you may require an independent review of geology and resources. Cube geologists understand the practical considerations involved in both high level and more detailed project reviews required to identify the risks, threats and opportunities inherent in every project.

From conducting exploration strategy reviews through to checking the veracity of previously defined resources, the Cube geology team will provide an independent and well-informed assessment of issues or risks relating to interpretation, compositing, top-cutting strategy, estimation methodology and classification.

We provide Independent Geology Reports as part of a listing or capital raising.

We conduct Due Diligence reviews, including desk-top fatal flaw review, risk analysis and recommendations.

Risk appraisal

As part of our service, we may investigate and communicate to you regarding areas where further drilling could increase confidence levels and help to quantify the work required to upgrade your existing resources. We may recommend a first-principles review of QAQC, sample collection and preparation procedures and database management practices, or estimation parameters and methodology could be investigated to ensure a thorough review has been conducted and risks have been assessed and reported.

Cube consultants look at all aspects of project geology to ensure material issues and fatal flaws are brought to light.