Resource Estimation

Resource estimation is a core competency of the Cube Consulting geology team. From undertaking first-principles geological interpretation, through to application of advanced geostatistical modelling techniques, Cube geologists will deliver what you need to move to the next project milestone.

The resource update process includes, but is not limited to,

  • Validation of the source data including laboratory assay reports, drilling methods, collar location and downhole survey methods,
  • Assessing QA/QC data,
  • Reviewing or creating domain interpretation,
  • Confirming the weathering surface interpretation,
  • Exploratory data analysis,
  • Variographic analysis,
  • Kriging neighbourhood analysis and
  • Estimation of global and local resources using the most appropriate methodology.

We will undertake a thorough review and offer informed advice to ensure you have confidence in understanding the risks and uncertainty associated with your project resource. This may involve using linear or non-linear techniques, which we will explain clearly with the help of our geostatisticians.

We undertake independent mineral resource estimations suitable for public reporting based on JORC 2012, SAMREC and NI 43-101.

Collaborative process, adding knowledge

At Cube Consulting, we work closely with your team during the resource estimation process to ensure a collaborative result and leave a positive legacy.

Whether we are providing a geological interpretation, resource evaluation or undertaking a statistical analysis, we leverage our depth of resource modelling experience to deliver a quality outcome whilst dealing with geological uncertainty.