Practical mine design

At Cube, we are experienced in both open pit and underground mine design.

Once the optimal pit has been selected, pit designs are required prior to strategic scheduling being initiated. Based on the results of the optimisation phase of the study, the Cube mining engineer will create the required pit designs taking into account known geotechnical factors, appropriate strip ratios and pit staging.  This process is iterative in conjunction with the strategic scheduling of the project to ensure that staging is incorporated into practical pit designs. We liaise with geotechnical experts for review and feedback prior to finalising the designs.

For underground mine design, we can produce conceptual designs through to final designs of development and stoping, working collaboratively to select the mining method best suited to the orebody.

Mine infrastructure

In close consultation with our clients and other consultants, we will complete waste dump, stockpile and ROM pad designs together with haul roads showing access from the pit or portal exits to the various material destinations. This will include any other infrastructure location designs as required and becomes an important input to tactical scheduling.