Strategic and practical approach

Whether you are conducting a preliminary assessment or have moved through to feasibility, Cube Consulting mining engineers possess the key experience and skills to deliver a quality mining study. With efficient and effective study management skills garnered through many feasibility studies, a depth of knowledge of constructing and operating open pit and underground operations and many years operational experience, you will see that we take a strategic yet practical approach to your project. We will always tailor our approach to meet the particular economic objectives of your business, and we will seek the levers to pull that will add the greatest value to your project within the available constraints.

Focus on collaboration

Conducting any mining study is an iterative process with dynamic input parameters – we advise you when we think it necessary to revisit parameters which may have a significant impact on the study outcome. Our Cube engineers manage parameters in a formalised manner so there is absolute clarity around the investigation and prevailing conditions. Our consultative approach to mining engineering directly benefits our clients and is evidenced by their loyalty to our consultants.

We work closely and cooperatively with other mining professionals, both from within Cube Consulting and externally if required to ensure the study team achieves a professional result.