Open Pit Optimisation

Generating an optimal pit with a favourable financial result for a given resource model can be a time consuming and repetitive process, particularly in times of changing commodity prices and volatile costs. Cube Consulting engineers are efficient at setting up and running open pit optimisations with a sufficient number of iterations to evaluate the appropriate final design and cutback selection. It may be that preliminary optimisations need to be carried out prior to the finalisation of all parameters – these parameters are almost certainly influenced by the preliminary mine schedules, which in turn provided valuable feedback on the project dynamics as part of the essential, iterative nature of mining studies.

Based on the results of the optimisation phase of the study, our Cube mining engineers will create the required pit designs taking into account known geotechnical factors, appropriate strip ratios and pit staging.  This process is iterative in conjunction with the strategic scheduling of the project to ensure that staging is incorporated into practical pit designs. We will liaise with geotechnical experts for review and feedback prior to finalising the designs.

At Cube, our engineers do not just push the buttons on software – the analysis of results is a vital stage and we work closely with your key decision makers to develop the appropriate strategy.