Informed decision making

A critical part of any mining study is the strategic schedule – how many decisions have already been made or are “hard-coded”, how large is the impact of various constraints in the system and what targets do we need to achieve to ensure the success of the project. This is not an academic exercise – at Cube Consulting we always consider the practical constraints and work closely with your team to ensure quality decision making.

The Cube mining engineers have in depth knowledge and experience in the use of leading edge Strategic Mine Scheduling software. This, together with their practical knowledge of mining operations gives them the ability to general the optimal strategic schedule for a mining operation. It also gives them the ability to rapidly generate multiple “what-if” scenarios giving decision makers the best information possible in order to make decisions.

Our mining engineers use Minemax Scheduler as well as MineSight MSSO software to perform cut-off grade optimisation, investigate stockpiling strategies, evaluate timing of capital expenditure and consider practical pit development schedules when looking at a life of mine schedule. For short-term schedule implementation we also use MineSched. The ultimate goal is that the schedule will be able to provide evaluation of financial impacts of selected key constraints and targets to enable informed decisions regarding the development of the mine.