Technology solutions for Mining

Through many years of working on mine sites and with mining clients, Cube’s technology professionals have developed ways of solving common mining problems, with databases at the core of our solutions. This has led to the development of software systems that are complementary to the core mine consulting business of Cube. Some of these systems have gone on to become industry leaders, such as the INX suite of intelligent workforce management tools. A number of other products created by Cube Consulting now find their home in Cubility.

Our team of mining industry professionals is not looking to sell systems and walk away – we’ve worked in mines and understand that the change management process in a busy production environment is massive and needs to be handled correctly to ensure any mining system is bedded down properly. Our reputation is our business and we work with you to mitigate risks, enhance the value of your project and provide data to enable sound commercial decisions.

We are now focused on grade control systems and reconciliation, using our wealth of knowledge in this space to create repeatable and auditable processes for geologists on mine sites.