Surpac-based Grade Control system

Cube Consulting has a very strong focus on the operating needs of producing mine sites, with a history in building, implementing and training in grade control systems built on Geovia’s Surpac platform.

Cube Consulting’s GCX product provides a logical sequence of commonly performed grade control tasks integrated into an easy-to-use and intuitive set of menus and forms. Whether you are using a simple estimation technique or more advanced techniques, the Cube system can be deployed in minimal time.  We provide full training and documentation to ensure the system is implemented successfully and the mine site geology team is efficient and productive.

Expert advice for mine geologists

Mine grade control is a process, highly dependent on data collection and data management systems – the Cube geology team are expert at reviewing what is in place to ensure consistent, repeatable outcomes from GCX, our Surpac based grade control system.

We provide advice on geological domaining, sample spacing studies, material classification and estimation as required and work closely with your production and quality control geologists to implement an easy-to-use and intuitive set of processes.