Sinosteel Midwest implemented Cube GCX Grade Control system

Sinosteel Midwest implemented Cube GCX Grade Control system


Sinosteel Midwest implemented Surpac software for the mine geology department when mining commenced, but were relying on automation tools not customised to the mine site. There was a large amount of manual data entry and digitising required, with only simple plotted outputs. The existing system was hard to use and it was time consuming to prepare dig plans. With 7-10 material types and a product which was highly sensitive to impurities, it was important to get an efficient and strong grade control package.


The geology team contacted two consulting houses to understand what systems were available on the market to streamline grade control processes – they selected Cube Consulting’s GCX package after evaluating the options. GCX gave the flexibility that Sinosteel required for the multiple material types, including the ability to manually override automatically classified material type if deemed appropriate.

The Cube consultant worked with the Sinosteel team to ensure the system would meet their needs. For example, there was an amount of customisation required to produce a site specific plot – the plot presented the blast in question plus an inset of the entire RL with the blast location highlighted.

An additional benefit of installing GCX are the reports created for reconciliation. These now form part of the monthly process when reconciling grade control to production.


The Cube team has a lot of experience with Surpac and with grade control so each system builds heavily on past experience.

The system can be customised to meet local requirements.

Sinosteel Midwest Case Study